How to Clean Your Iron

When you sew, inevitably your iron gets dirty. I mean, iron-on interfacings can make a real mess of your iron. Not just that, but there is the occasional use of Wonder Under or similar products that can stick to your iron. Plus every day use can lead to build-up.

Keeping your iron clean is so easy, you won’t believe you haven’t known this all along.

how to clean your iron

All you need is dryer sheets and an oven-mitt to protect your hands.

First make sure your iron is very hot. Then protect your hand with the over mitt and scrub with a dryer sheet. Any type will do, and one that smells wonderful will make your whole sewing are smell good too. Scrub away, but be sure not to burn yourself.

how to clean your iron

Your iron will now be covered with little oily beads (but notice how clean it is!)

how to clean your iron

Again, protect your hands with an oven mitt. This time grab a scrap of cloth from your waste basket. Scrub all over the iron until the beads are removed. After this, it’s a good idea to iron on a scrap just to make sure the iron is absolutely free from the oil.

how to clean your iron

And that’s it! Your finished. Enjoy your like-new iron.

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