Garment Quality at Lilac Lane Clothing

Today I want to show you the quality of Lilac Lane Clothing. As all garments are hand sewn with lots of love and attention to details, I’m very proud to show you the insides! Above, you can see the French Seams that I prefer to use in outfits. This is the Coral Meadow Dress.

I own and use a serger from time to time, but it is limited in these garments. As seen above, a serger is sometimes used to finish the edges of the ruffles. I want everything about this clothing line to be as comfortable as possible so that little girls will want to wear the outfits!

I try to line the garments if possible. When fully lining, I will sometimes serge the edges of the seams to decrease bulk. As you can see the seams won’t touch the body. This particular outfit is lined with the softest batiste and will be available on May 31 at the Lace and Twirls Showcase.

Most outfits include quite a bit of hand sewing.

Here you see another fully lined outfit, this one is the Sweet Flower Sugar Dress.

As you can see the Flower Sugar Dress includes buttons and understitching, a type of stitch that holds everything in place without showing from the front.

That’s it for today, and I really hope you enjoyed seeing the INSIDE of my clothing!

xo, Melissa

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