I’m so happy to share my special place with you: where I teach, sew, and work (you know that means play!) I started in August with a vision of what I wanted it to be, and now, finally, it is completed enough to show. There are still a few missing pieces. I’ll also let you know where I got everything in case you need it as well.

This room is in our basement, but has 8 foot ceilings and lots of natural light. It’s an easy place to work. I wanted light and airy, but my husband did not want me to repaint because this paint matches the rest of the basement. For the most part, I tried to coordinate with it and only repainted one wall, behind the stairs.

As you can see, we have fabric! I’m starting to list it on Etsy. There are lots of Riley Blake prints and American Made Brand solids. All three of these book cases are from a local store called Goulosh, and I painted them. There has been a lot of painting in this project. The baskets are for my students’ work and are from WalMart.

This is a dresser I had from a garage sale. We weren’t using it, so I decided to do something really different and redid it with decopage and paint. The fabrics are all Tanya Whelan from Marie Madeline Studios.

I put ruffled curtains all across the open space in this room. It separates my sewing area from a living room where my kids often watch TV. The round rainbow is actually webbing which I am going to list on Etsy.

Here is my chair which I saved from ugliness. I mean, it’s comfy, but it sure wasn’t pretty. I used two different tutorials to come up with this:
Positively Splendid’s Office Chair Slipcover and
Simply Sewn Office Chair Slipcover.
This project literally took about an hour and you should so do this!

This just shows some of the bins and shelves I am using. The two crown molding shelves are from Hobby Lobby. The bolt bins and yellow tool chest are local from Emerald Edition. The green wall bins and hanging system are from Ikea. Let me tell you, I have been using this setup for about a month, and it is SO NICE to be organized! Hopefully my husband doesn’t ready this or I’ll get a big I Told You So!

I took a table I already had (back wall). It was too tall for sewing or drawing, so I added batting and some home dec fabric and made it into a large ironing board for quilts and such. You can also see my cutting table, a desk from a garage sale, which I painted. There was A LOT of paint in this project! Hopefully the wood police don’t find me. Oh! And if you like the wallpaper, it’s from Target, and I thought it was fairly easy to do. You can see just a bit of my green classroom table. That’s another garage sale steal ($15!) and easily sits 3 people with sewing machines. Plus it has three drawers in it for storage.

Anna didn’t want to be left out, so this is her sewing table with her Hello Kitty sewing machine. The table in the background is my other classroom table. I was going to paint it, don’t gasp, but when I turned it over and started to remove the bolts, it said 1904 on the bolts. I just couldn’t do it. I thought if it survived 110 years untouched, I shouldn’t be the one to touch it! ha ha

Here’s another look at my desk turned cutting table. It’s 3 1/2 feet by 5 feet which is awesome for cutting. Plus look at all those great drawers.

Here’s the area where I work. I used some more Ikea baskets, this time holding my most used sewing supplies. The lights are from the Home Depot and were so easy to install that I did it myself. I covered the cords with some extra cord covers from Home Decorators.

Well that’s it for now. We still need to add a desk for Emilie to sew at and a few other things. Mostly, it’s a cheery place to be.

Thanks so much for touring with me! Hope you’re inspired to organize!

How lovely is your dwelling place,    Lord Almighty! Psalm 84:1