This looks complicated. Can I really sew it?
All patterns are labeled with a skill level. Learning to Sew patterns are the very easiest. Beginner patterns are still simple but a bit harder than Learning to Sew. Advanced beginner require motivation and some sewing experience. Intermediate patterns are a bit harder. Expert patterns are difficult. All patterns contain a glossary, metric conversion chart and detailed instructions with illustrations and photos to guide you through each step. Lilac Lane patterns have been praised for their thorough instructions.

How can I make an outfit from an e-pattern? My printer isn’t that big.
E-patterns come as a pdf file. The file is downloaded and opened with Adobe Acrobat or another free program which reads pdf’s. The pattern pages have grids which you match up and tape together to create the full sized pattern pieces. The document must be printed as “full sized” or “do not shrink” and definitely not as “shrink to fit.” Also make sure “auto portrait/landscape” is checked. There are 1″ boxes located throughout the pattern pieces for you to measure and make sure you printed the pattern at full size.

An e-pattern for an outfit will contain between 20 and 45 pattern pages. E-patterns for bags, dolls and doll clothing usually contain pattern pieces that do not have to be taped together.

Some of our patterns are available in wide-format. If you would like a wide-format pattern, simply e-mail us your receipt and let us know. We will send it free of charge. Wide-format printers print 36″ wide documents and are usually located at copy centers.

How do I print this pattern?

The pattern files are PDF. You will need a PDF reader to open the file, which can be found for free. One example is Adobe Reader. Then see above on printing choices.

How do I assemble this pattern?

view 1_Page_06view 1_Page_01view 1_Page_03

To assemble, first print the pattern pages at 100%. Sometimes this is noted as “do not scale” and sometimes as “actual size.” Line up and measure the 1” boxes included on each page. If they are not exactly 1” square, then the pattern is incorrectly printed which can make a big difference on the finished size. You then have a couple of options for assembling the pattern. You can first cut out the boxes on each page and tape them together with no overlap. OR you can fold along the bottom lines and right side of each page and overlap it to the top line and left side of each page. Newer patterns have separated sizes and older patterns have nested sizes.

Do I need to add seam allowance to the pattern?

Seam allowance is already added to all pattern pieces. You need only to print the pages and assemble them to begin sewing.

What are your sizes like?

Each pattern varies slightly in its size chart and the sizes the pattern offers. All patterns are at least 2T to 10 and some are 2T to 14, depending on the style. The sizes are close to commercial sizes, although you probably know that sizes vary widely among brands and sometimes even within a brand. For the most part though, if your child wears a size 4 in commercial clothing, they will wear a size 4 from Lilac Lane Patterns. Below is a size chart in both inches and metric. Keep in mind that this may vary slightly from pattern to pattern.

size charts

May I sell the items made from Lilac Lane patterns?
Absolutely! I am completely in favor of the indie community and helping to add to it where possible. If you have an at-home studio with items made solely by you, you may sell the items made from Lilac Lane patterns. No manufacturing of the items is allowed and you may not copy or duplicate the pattern in any way. Each person who sews the pattern is required to buy their own copy.

If you do sell Lilac Lane items, please e-mail us a link to your shop. We would love to help promote your shop.

May I sell my pattern after I use it or if I never use it?

We’re very sorry but it is illegal to resell or even give away digital products.

Even though you may not be making money, by creating more patterns in circulation than were created by the designer/artist, you hurt their ability to sell their own products. Thus, you are taking potential income away from the designers and artists. This is the main purpose of copyright law protection.

From Wikipedia, The United States No Electronic Theft Act (NET Act), a federal law passed in 1997, provides for criminal prosecution of individuals who engage in copyright infringement, even when there is no monetary profit or commercial benefit from the infringement. Maximum penalties can be three years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

May I share photos from this website?

We love sharing! Please share on facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram, and your personal blogs! We just ask that you give credit to our website and tag us where possible.

Do you give refunds?

Due to the nature of these products, no refunds are given.